In the ever growing beauty industry, innovative products are coming to life and evolving every second. Connecting with Cosmepolitan will open the door to an extensive network of Beauty industry. Our over 80,000 cosmetic product data, 3,000 cosmetic manufacturer data, 132 CGMP manufacturer data, and 143 ISO 22716 manufacturer data can make your product idea come to life.


Direct to Consumer

Collaborate with a client to develop a new beauty brand/product on their e-commerce platforms.

Existing Brands

Merging our network, big-data, and communication abilities across countries, existing beauty brands can streamline the process and introduce the right products for their consumers.

Beauty Start-up

Our immense manufacturing network in Korea with rapid development and production cycles is a game-changer in launching “Made in Korea” cosmetics products in a short period.

Cosmetic Distributor

Your distribution networks meet our development and production capabilities. Collaborate with a client to develop a new beauty brand on their existing distribution networks and retail platform.

Beauty Influencer

Cosmepolitan supports the entire process from planning to production, while you focus on marketing your brand, sales, and promotion.

Non-Beauty Brands

Partner with Cosmepolitan to expand your product line. Our network enables brands to focus on sales and marketing, while we handle the rest!

Your vision sealed, delivered

Using the extensive network of beauty manufacturers, suppliers, and logistic partners, Cosmepolitan offers customized solutions for each client’s unique needs. From product development to shipping, we work to simplify the complex beauty manufacturing process by becoming your one stop solution.

OEM/ODM Manufacturers

We match and find optimal manufacturers based on client’s needs. Upon developing the samples based on the requested product idea, we manage and monitor the production process by working closely with manufacturers.

Shipping and Logistic Partners

We work with our extensive network of shipping and logistics partners to make the export and import process simple for all brands located around the world. Our service also includes helping brands to register products in their market to meet their local regulations.

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